Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kolsch Beers From Cologne

The next four weeks worth of beers are all Kolsch's from Cologne.  While home on R&R the family and I went to Cologne on a day trip to go to the Hard Rock Cafe and the Lindt Chocolate Factory/Musuem.  I was surprised to learn that the local beer is called Kolsch and by German law can only be brewed in or around the city of Cologne.  I was actually doubly surprised since I had been introduced to Kolsch beers several years ago when Shiner put out there version of Kolsch that I almost came to like more than their bock (Sacrilegious I know) but back to the German version.

To read more about Kolsch beers go here or here.  Kolsch is typically served in a tall thin glass that is only .33l as compared to the more traditional .5 l stone krugs or 1l mass krugs.  Check out the below picture.

Enjoy the reviews


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