Sunday, August 15, 2010

Schlichter Winkler Brau Dagesteiner Rittertrunk

This beer has a mouthful for a name, Schlichter Winkler Brau Dagesteiner Rittertrunk, so I'll break it down first before I get to the review.  Schlicter, the beer is from the town of Schlicht.  Winkler Brau, Winkler Brewery.  Dagesteiner, I have no clue and Ritter trunk means roughly knight drink.  So this is the Dagesteiner Knight drink from the Winkler brewery in the town of Schlict.  With that said the Rittertrunk is a dunkel type beer.

Here's what I thought.  It pours a rich amber with tints of red.  A light brown foam head crowns the beer and just barely crests the rim of the glass.  It gives off a rich sweet aroma that reminds me of caramel.  The taste is slightly sweet with the caramelly theme continuing.  It finishes surprisingly smooth, light and clean for a dark beer. 

I really kind of liked this beer which surprised me.  It is from the local brewery here in Vilseck and if you remember I didn't like their doppelback back in the spring time.  This is actually the third beer I've had from the brewery even if it's only the second I've reviewed here, hey I can't keep track of EVERY beer I drink, and I've liked the Rittertrunk and the other beer I've had.  So that just means I'll have to go back to the brewery when I come home from Afghanistan.


Anonymous said...

spent 2 years there, best beer i ever drank!!!

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