Monday, July 11, 2011

90 miles on the bicycle

That's how far I rode yesterday!  I almost can't believe it, but I got it done.  That's the farthest I've ridden a bike in almost 10 years.  I'd also be lying if I didn't say that the last 60-90 minutes of the 6 hour ride didn't just about kick my @$$.  I'm supposed to ride further than that and then get off and run a marathon?  I'm begining to think I've lost my fricking mind.

Despite the pain at the end it was a good ride and once I'd gotten off I felt better than I did while on the bike.  I averaged over 17 mph  for the first 3 hours and then about 15.5 mph after I stopped and refilled my water bottles.

Overall it was a good week with a couple of good swims, a good 3hr 15 min run (17 miles).  I'm comfortable with where I'm at and where I'm supposed to be.  I'm cruising for a 14-14.5 race so I'm still on track.

Here is what I was supposed to do with what I actually did.
Thursday - 30 minute run, Swim 6x500, 8x100
Friday - 60 minute bike in small chain
Saturday - 3:15 hour run, Swim 6x500, 8x100
Sun - 5:30 hour bike

Mon - Off
Tuesday 75 minute run
Wednesday 60 minute Bike, Swim 6x500, 8x100 
Thursday - Off
Friday -  3hr 15 min run (17 miles)
Saturday -  60 minute bike, 6x500, 8x100
Sunday - 5:50 hour bike (90 miles)


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