Saturday, June 5, 2010

Veldensteiner Weissbeir

The next beer from the Veldensteiner line is their Weissbier and it is a good one.  One note though before I get into the review, I'm a big fan of the flip top bottles, all of the beers I've had that come in a bottle like that seem to be really good.  Our refrigator here isn't very big and since I left my beer fridge in the states (I was afraid we wouldn't have a 110 volt outlet for it) I've been sttoring the .5L German beer bottles in a wine cooler that Shantel has.  That means they are stored on their sides and every once in awhile one of the bottles with the flip tops will leak and normally leads to Shantel hollering about my beer missing up her wine cooler and kitchen cabinet. 

This bottle leaked which is why the glass isn't full.  If the bottle had been full the beer would have poured perfectly to the .5L line with a head that just went over the top without spilling down the sides.  When swirled it gives off an aroma that reminds me of freshly cut hayfield.  A murky golden color lighter than the Zwick'l from a couple of weeks ago, with a slightly sweet citrusy taste.  I really like this beer and would recommend it.

The Veldensteir website describes it as a particularly fine mild yeast wheat beer with a slightly lower carbon dioxide content to be especially enjoyed straight from the bottle.


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