Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winkler Brau 1617 Lager

This week's Winkler Brau beer is their 1617 Lager.  I've only been able to find it in a .3L bottle whish is a little weird but it does make it different.  The color of the bottle is also green and you may have heard that I'm not a fan of green bottle beer.  Here is what I thought anyway.

This lager pours a a clear pale gold with a thin watery head that quickly disappeared.  The hoppy aroma assails even my stopped up sniffer.  The hops theme carries over into the taste which is decidely hoppy but a little watery.

This beer is labeled as a lager so I was surprised that it was almost as hoppy as a pilsner.  Not a bad beer but I probably won't try it again.


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