Monday, November 23, 2009

Should've Been a Swim Day

But man I sure didn't feel like getting out of bed at 4:50 this morning and heading to the pool. I was still pretty sore from yesterday's half marathon and I didn't sleep real well. So when the alarm went off I turned it off and told myself I needed a recovery day.

Well when I went out with Shantel and Macen this afternoon I realized it was 60 degrees and you don't waste a 60 degree day in Kansas/Missouri in the middle of November so I decided to go out and do a short run.

Distance : 4:53mi
Total Time: 47:14
AVG Pace: 10:26
Total Calories: 711
AVG HR: 155 bpm
Max HR: 177bpm
Mile 1: 11:14
Mile 2: 10:12
Mile 3: 10:00
Mile 4: 10:06
.53 Mile: 5:40
Zone 1 Time: 0:11 Distance: 0ft
Zone 2 Time: 0:15 Distance: 99ft
Zone 3 Time: 34:44 Distance: 3.4 mi
Zone 4 Time: 12:54 Distance: 1.2 mi
Zone 5 Time: :36 Distnace: 282 ft


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