Sunday, April 4, 2010

Time For a Change of Pace Beer

I've been drinking a lot of doppelbock lately and I was looking for something a little lighter this weekend.  I was afraid that the German Grocery Stores would be closed on Friday for Good Friday, so I was stuck with what I could get at the shopette on post.  I saw a six pack of blonde belgian ale and thought that would do the trick.  Little did I know that  it was a member of the Inbev-Anheuser Busch company, true disappointment I was looking for something only available in Europe.  Here's what I thought
This was from the Leffe Brewery in Belgium, a blonde Belgium Ale.  It was very crisp and light with a slight fruity taste.  Some of the reviews I've read talked about a banana finish.  I didn't get it but I may have just missed it.  It did go down smooth and had a pleasant taste.  No that's not me being silly with the beer in the wine glass.  Both the package and the video in the link suggest serving it in a chalice like glass so that the aroma is released properly and the head forms.  It was interesting.  Probably not a repeat but it was good break from the starkbiers I've been drinking lately.


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