Wednesday, October 27, 2010

5 Mile Route At The PHQ

Here's a screen shot of my 5 mile run route inside my compound in Afghanistan.  Notice all of the turns.  I have to do so many just to get one lap of .6 miles.  That's not even counting the 120 some steps that I either climb or descend during the route.  I'm actually hoping the steps help me gain more pedal stroke power.

Even if it sounds like I'm complaining I'm really not.  This route has some benefits.  The steps increase my calf muscles and hopefully my pedal power and I'm also running at about 5200ft eleveation.  I've done a couple of runs while on R&R and my average is about 10 minutes faster than Afghanistan so it is paying off. For now.  I'll be doing lots of turns and climbing lots of steps as I start training for Ironman Regensburg


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