Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm Back

For R&R that is.  I have been horrible about doing any posting from Afghanistan.  My excuse is that my work network won't let me go to the blog site and we just got our commercial internet up, besides I'm in Afghanistan and I'm not allowed to drink beer and I think that if there was a triathlon there it would be the first one ever.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the beer reviews that I scheduled to be posted while I was gone.  I didn't quite get them stretched out to post up til I came back for R&R.  I've only been back a couple of days but I've been busily scouring the Getranke Marts looking for beers that I haven't tried yet so that I can get a few more posts scheduled while I finish out my deployment.  There will be an Oktoberfestbier review and reviews of Christmas beers that are starting to hit the shelves as well as some local beers that I've found so enjoy those as they come up.

My workouts have not been going as good as I would have hoped.  I'm doing two full time jobs in Afghanistan and while I do manage to do a couple of runs and several workout sessions a week, I'm not where I would have liked to have been now.  I'm only up to about 10 miles comfortably and that's not going to cut it for when I get back.  In case you haven't heard I've lost my mind and become a victim of peer pressure as I signed up for the 2011 Ironman Regensburg.  My buddy Andy was talking about coming to Europe next summer and wanting to get together and doing a race.  Well we both started trash talking on email and the bottom line is we both decided to stretch out and test ourselves at the Ironman distance.  The only part that worries me is the swim but I should be fine even with that.

Well more later.


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