Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kapuziner Winter Weissbier

Today's Christmas Beer really isn't a Christmas Beer.  It's properly a Winter Wheat, that's something I've learned in the last few days is that German brewers will sometimes brew both a Christmas Beer and a Winter Beer.  It's still the Christmas Season so I'll use them interchangeably.  Hopefully the purists out there don't get on to me too bad, after all I'm still on a journey of beer exploration and learning as I go!

Today's beer come from the Kulmbacher brauerei's Kapuziner line.  The Kapuziner line is solely dedicated to brewing different types of wheat beers and this is the Winter Weissbier variety. 

This beer pours a dark cloudy amber with a caramel colored fluffy head that lingered for quite awhile.  The aroma is fresh cut grass with hints of citrus and spice.  The taste is crisp, with hints of citrus and spice.  A very good wheat beer.  Not my favorite but very tasty just the same.


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