Sunday, November 13, 2011

Athen's Classic Marathon

Well  I should be getting started in the Athen's Classic Marathon right about now.  I'm looking to run a sub 4 hour race and hopefully I'm pretty close to a 3:45 but we'll see.  Take a look at the elevation chart and you'll see my concerns.

Downhill for the first 6 miles and then it's uphill for the next 14 until you cruise the last 6 miles downhill to the finish line.  Sounds easy right?  Well that uphill will be tough on my quads and normally I would stride out the downhills but after 20 miles I'll be lucky to be doing more than shuffling which will then be even worse on the quads and knees.  Sounds like a good time doesn't it.

With all of that said here's the actual run course from Marathon into downtown Athens.  Hopefully we avoid any protesters!

26.2 miles of pure fun


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