Sunday, November 6, 2011

Special Beer Review - Schloderer Brau

This week's brewery is a local one from Amberg.  We've gone there a couple of times to eat and the food is really good as is the beer.  With a combination like that you can't go wrong!  Here's a more detailed recap of the beer. 

Schloderer Schlodi Kult - This is the helles beer from Schloderer Brau.  It's a little different in that it comes in a .33L bottle instead of the standard .5L bottle.  It pours a darker amber/gold with a very thin head that disappeared quickly leaving some lacing on the sides.  The aroma is hoppy and reminds me of fresh cut grass, not something that normally comes out in a helles.  The taste is more hoppy than other helles I've tried and the finish lingers a little bit.  

Schloderer Weizen - The wheat beer from Schloderer Brau. The body color is a cloudy amber gold. The head was minimal compared to some weizen I've had, but still frothy and generous leaving light lacing on the sides. The aroma is cloves and fruit. The taste is an explosion of cloves and apples. Really good. This is one of my favorite weizens.
Schloderer Dunkel- As the name suggests, this is the Dunkel from Schloderl Brau. It pours a a very dark coffee with a beige head. The head lingers and leaves light lacing even after it disappears. The aroma is chocolaty sweet from the roasted malts and that carries over into the taste. The finish is clean with no hoppy bitterness or after taste. Not a bad dunkel.  


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