Sunday, September 25, 2011

Special Beer Review Gunzburger Brauerei

When we went to Legoland a month ago I researched local breweries.  The one that popped up on most of my searches was Gunzburger Brauerei.  They specialize in Weizen but do other kinds as well.  I dropped into a local Getrankemarkt and picked up a variety.  I was slightly disappointed that I couldn't find a bottle of their Weizenbock, but it is what it is.  Here are the beers that I did pick up.

Gunzburger Radbier Marzen Spezial -  It pours a coppery gold with hints of amber. A slightly off white head never quite disappears and leaves plenty of lacing on the sides. The aroma is floralish and kind of sweet. The first mouthful is interesting, somewhat bready and definitely malty sweet Almost reminiscent of honey? Pretty interesting. The finish is clean with no after taste, a definite plus. I really like this beer, too bad I'd have to drive 2 1/2 hours to get more.
Gunzburger Weizenbier Ur~Weizen - This beer pours a dark cloudy honey-brown with hints of gold.  The head is a generous off-white/beige.  Already I'm intrigued  The aroma is faintly smoky malts.  The taste is carmally sweet malts. No citrus or fresh cut hay here.  The finish is smooth and wet with just that hint of smoky malts.  Very interesting.

Gunzburger Weizenbier Hefe~Weizen -   The regular Hefeweizen from Gunzburger.  It pours a a cloud yellow gold with a slight (for a Hefe) white fluffy head that quickly dissolves into a layer of tiny bubbles on the top of the beer.  Lots of carbonation, you can see the bubbles flowing from top to bottom of the glass in large clusters.  The aroma is of cloves and spices.  The first taste is citrusy, clovy, spices.  Cloves and another taste I can't put my finger on dominate the wet finish.  A pretty good beer.  But not my favorite Hefe.  I might have liked the Ur~Weizen a little bit more than this one.

Gunzburger Radbier Hell -   Finally the Helles from Gunzburger Brauerei.  A brillinat golden yellow with a head soft foamy head that persisted.  The aroma is very light and subtle and eluded me.  The taste is spicy balance of hops and malts with just a little kick of hops at the crisp finish.  A very tasty beer.

After running through all of these I'm even more disappointed that I didn't get the Weizenbock, their speciality.  All of these were solid good beers.  I really liked the Ur-Weizen and the Marzen.  Too bad the brewery almost a three hour drive away.


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