Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Croatian Beer - Karlovacko Light

One of my friends went to Croatia and brought me back a bottle of Karlovacko. Since he had told me he had brought me both a Czech and a Croat beer I initially thought this was from the Krušovice Royal Brewery that we had seen on our wandering trip to Prague but upon closer inspection this was the Croat beer, specifically the Karlovacko Light Beer.

Karlovacko Light - It pours from a green .25L bottle.  Oh no a green bottle, we all know how much I like green bottle beer and come on .25L that's barely a swallow.  It pours almost a perfect gold with a generous frothy white head that dissolves into slight lacing on the sides.  There isn't much of an aroma.  The taste is interesting more balanced than I expected with just a hint bitterness that's actually almost floral.  The finish is smooth and quite good.  OK this beer started with two strikes, green bottle, and only .25Ls but overall I'd say it was hit.  


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