Monday, September 12, 2011

Marathon Training Week 8

Last week wasn't too bad.  I ended up doing the speed workout on Wednesday instead of Tuesday and did it on the treadmill instead of the road.  In some ways that's better since I maintain a constant speed on the treadmill but then again thats 90 minutes looking at the same wall in front of you, not fun.  I went to a local beer fest on Saturday night and ended up paying for it on Sunday's 16 miler.  I made it at a consistent pace but let's just say I was sweating it all out.

This week the long run jumps to 17 miles and the speed workout adds a 2 mile rep to make 3x2 miles at a slightly faster than GP.  Should be a fun week.  Yippee!

2 miles GP
3x2 miles T (2:00)
3 miles GP
3 miles
6x100 S
4x1 mile C
5 miles
16 miles
44–47 miles


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