Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Croatian beer - Pan Lager

Another beer from Croatia brought to me by the same guy who brought the last one.  For some reason I thought he had brought me a Croat and a Czech beer.  Nope I must have misheard.  This one is a Pan Lager or Pilsner by the Carlsberg Group's Croatia division.

Pan Lager - The brewery's website describes this as a pilsner and I would concur.  It pours a brillant straw gold with a generous white head.  The photo doesn't do it just because that was just a bad pour on my part.  The aroma is definitely hoppy and the taste is slightly bitter from the hops.  It does finish crisp and clean.  Once again this one has two strikes against it, a green bottle and only .25L.   As a pilsner I'd have to say it was a hit, not too hoppy, but for me I'm just not a fan of pilsner's so it's more a long foul ball, close but not quite.


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