Thursday, August 25, 2011

BOB stroller

While I was deployed Shantel bought a BOB Revolution running stroller. We had a couple of neighbors who had them and she thought it would be a good way for me and Macen, and eventually Maddox to spend time together.

Well Macen hasn't been too interested in going on runs with me, so we've only used it a couple times, mainly for short walks to the park or to once to the health clinic for an appointment. Well today we used it for a short 3 mile run.

It was a great run. Even pushing the stroller I stayed well within my per mile average and honestly the stroller practically rolls itself, that's how smooth it was. So smooth in fact that at the 1 .5 mile mark Macen fell asleep and didn't even notice when we jumped the low spots in the curbs.

Bottom line if you are a runner and you have young kids then you need a BOB. It's a great way to spend time with your kids and still get your run in. The big wheels also make it great for off road (or off pavement for you urban adventurers) stuff as well.


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