Thursday, August 25, 2011

Marathon Training

We'll I guess I ought to talk about my marathon training. Well I'm using a free training plan from runners world It has a couple of different levels and I'm using the intermediate level in hopes of breaking the 4 hour mark and hopefully closer to the 3:30 mark than the 4 hour. The plan has two off days, Monday and Friday, weekdays are devoted to speed and shorter runs and the weekends are medium to long runs. So far I'm hating the Tuesday pace runs the most.

The good part about starting a new training regimen is that I start at the beginning with a good base from the previous regimen. I'm never really starting from scratch and it gives my body an opportunity to heal.

I am going to try and throw some swim and bike workouts in on Mondays and Fridays, low impact, low intensity type stuff so that I get some " active" recovery.


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