Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's Next

What's next?  Well I just don't know.  We only have about 4 months left in Europe so I'm not sure I want to do another race here.  A couple of the neighbors have brought up doing the Athens Marathon, it's the original course (that's right, the one where the guy DIED after he ran it!) and it's the 2500th anniversary of the running.  Their wives would also go as well as their kids so there would be someone for Shantel and Macen to hang out with.  One of the couples also have a little one just a few days older than Maddox so he will be there as well.  It's tempting but we'll have to see how it fits in with the other stuff we are going to try and accomplish.

I'm already looking ahead to races in the Kansas City Area for 2012.  I'll definitely do the Ironman 70.3 Kansas race, probably the Kansas City Triathlon, Shawnee Mission Triathlon and maybe the Kansas City Marathon.  I'm also thinking about Ironman Louisville (it's amazing how quickly one forgets how painful an Ironman is).  What I don't want to do is run us ragged like I almost did the last time I was at Leavenworth.  I will try to limit myself to one race a month and stay in the Kansas City area with the exception of the Ironman.  As usual Shantel gets final approve authority over all race schedules.

What I do need to do is get back into a rhythm and start running, biking, and swimming again, so that the base doesn't go away.


Anonymous said...


This is Calvin Stroud from the MTHS class of 92 and I have been wondering what you have been up to for years. I see you have a beautiful family and enjoy some of the same things as I do. Beer and running. You are in way better shape than I ever could be if you can do a ironman. If you are ever in the Hannibal area let me know. You can email me at

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