Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Think I've Lost My Running Partner

Don't overreact, no one's died or passed away. I think Shantel and I have just made the decision to not ship Maggie over to join the family in Germany. This was a really hard decision and I've waffled on it almost from when I knew we would have to make it. The bottom line is that Maggie would be almost 11 years old when she arrived in Germany and 14 or older when we returned to the states. Despite her age and her nervous disposition I think she would be able to make the trip with little to no problems. It's the return trip at the advanced age of 14 that we are worried about, that's older than other dog I've ever owned and that concerns me. That would be almost too much stress to put on her.

For those of you who know Maggie, you know I've had her longer than I've been married to Shantel. She's been a constant companion and is a perfect example of the "velcro dog" description that many people give to German Shorthairs, I love that, but it drives Shantel nuts, she won't admit but she misses Maggie too. The only thing Maggie likes more than chasing little round brown ground birds (quail) or pheasants is to go for a run with me. She would always get excited and recognize when I put on my running clothes and even though her mileage has decreased with age from 7-10 miles at a 6/6.5 minute pace to about 5 miles at a 9 minute pace I must admit that mine's decreased as well.

Don't worry Maggie's in good hands, staying with my Dad in his kennel with his German Shorthair and English Setter, getting fat and happy from the treats that Dad insists on giving her and still getting all the opportunities to chase those elusive little round brown ground birds that she can handle.


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