Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Back,The Weather Breaks, Intel on the Prague Marathon, and Technical Issues

OK, I'm back from my 3 week vacation at the Hohenfels Training Area, where my unit validated our training and was declared ready for deployment to Afghanistan. While at Hohenfels I only managed to get a short 2 mile run in. So not much run training while I was there.

I have been back for about a week and I got a 7.5 mile run in last Wednesday, a 5 mile run on Thursday, a 2 miler on Friday and then a long run of almost 11 miles on Sat. The week started out good but by the time I ran Sat I was struggling, I'd actually wanted to go for 15 or 16 miles and I just crapped out at 11 when I ran by the house. I'll try to get the run logs updated and posted on the dates I ran.

In addition to my own physical struggles I've come to realize that all of my fine staff Lieutenants are struggling as well. Not in training for a marathon but in training to pass the PT test. The Squadron Commander took all of the staff officers on a run Thursday (The 5 miler) and only 4 out of 10 were able to maintain a 9 min pace for 5 miles. I was immediately directed to start staff PT. That means I've got to somehow work in my workouts around and into the staff workouts. We'll see how successful I am.

The weather has finally broke around here. I have finally seen grass after seeing snow covered ground since Christmas. It's been great to discover some new trails that become apparent with no snow and I'm getting itcy to get off the spin bike or trainer and do a long ride.

Last week was the Prague Half Marathon, put on by the same people who are doing the Marathon in June. Two of my more physically inclined staff officers went up and ran it. They came back talking about the huge cobblestones on the route and how rough the roads where on the knees. On the flip side there was a huge fest with lots of good Czech beer, sausages, and other food after the race and they also raved about the scenery. I'll just make sure I've got ice for the knees and I'll drown the pain in beer along with a couple of Motrin.

The technical issue part is coming in my inability to post this weeks workout, somehow I can't upload the pictures. I'll try it again tomorrow night after work.


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