Sunday, March 28, 2010

Paulaner Salvator/Tucher Bajuvator

As I mentioned in my last review it's bock season and I've spent the last week since the end of my training exercise looking for a double brewed bock or doppelbock before the season ends with Easter. I've managed to come across two and I'll review one of them and touch on the other briefly.

Most doppelbocks have names that end in "ator" and the original doppelbock was called a Salvator. Paulaner currently owns the rights to that name and it was their Salvator that I managed to get my hands on and I must say I liked it.

The Salvator poured out a deep coppery red with almost no head or a head that disappeared very quickly, as you can see from my picture. I expected a beer with a much stronger kick, but it was actually quite mellow and really reminded me more of Shiner Bock than any other bock I've had in Germany. It went down smooth really made me wish I had a schnitzal sandwich to go with it. For a more educated review go here.
The reason I was expecting more of a kick was because I had the Tucher Bajuvator at a beer call at the conclusion of our training exercise. The Bajuvator was almost as dark as a cola and had a good head. It also seemed extremely strong and had a bitter taste. I could only down two of them and I really should of stopped at 1 and a half. That probably had more to do with my lack of beer for almost a month but who knows.

On a related note Shantel asked me what I was giving up for Lent and she also suggested that it be beer. Well if the good German monks from the middle ages didn't give up beer than why should I?


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