Sunday, March 7, 2010

Keiler Weissbier

What I'm discovering as I try new beers and relay my thoughts on them to everyone in the blogosphere is that I'm not a true beer critic. I don't talk about hops, aroma, or some of the other things you see in a typical beer review. I do talk about color, head and flavor and whether I liked it or not. I think that is the important part, whether I liked it or not, I think that if I liked a beer most other people will as well. I'll try to get better on the other things, but really what's hops taste like anyway.

Keiler Weissbeir. This wheat or weiss beer was a murky golden color typical of wheat beers. The head disappeared rapidly and I do mean rapidly, one minute it was there, the next it was gone. There wasn't much of a citrus hint to the beer which I've come to associate with wheats and it wasn't very sweet either which has been the case with some of the German Weissbiers I had before I started writing reviews. Bottom line not a bad weissbier but I've had better. I'll have to try the other Tusker specialty, a dunkel weissbier, from Lohr brewery before I pass judgement as nothing special from these guys.


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