Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bike Ride

I went for a ride this morning and had a great ride with a couple of nice climbs and at least two fast downhills.  This route had hardly any traffic on it and is definitely one I'm going to repeat.

I used Map My Ride to build a route and then imported it into my Garmin ForeRunner 305 before I took off.  I've used this function a couple of times to download rides made by somebody else, but this was the first time I've made my own route.  It worked like a charm except for the part where what I thought was paved road turned into gravel.  I managed to find my way to where I wanted to go and then went back in and adjusted the route so any one else who used the route won't have the same problem.

The one issue I had is that for some reason my 305 did not record any of the specific data for the ride that it normally does.  This might have been operator error but I'll try it again and see what I come up with. 

I mentioned on Thursday having some issues with my calf and I was going to see how it worked while riding.  Well surprisingly enough there were no issues while riding.  I'll probably just get my Cardio from bike rides up until I deploy in order to give my calf some time to heal.

Below is a map of the ride I did.


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