Sunday, May 9, 2010

How To Sample A Beer

As I've mentioned before I have no clue how to be a true beer connoisseur.  I pretty much just judge a beer on whether or not it tastes good.  Well while browsing the net the other day I came across an article on how to sample a beer.  So I'll try to follow these guidelines for the next few different beers I try. 

Once you've got a few ounces of liquid in your glass, evaluate the brew the way beer judges (and writers) do: Look at it, smell it, sip it. Does the beer look cloudy or clear? Is it golden or black or something in between? Does the carbonation produce a foamy head or leave a thin lacing at the top?
Next, give the beer a swirl and put your nose close to it. Beers give off a range of aromas, from fresh-cut grass to molasses. What do you smell?

Now the fun part: drinking. Swish the beer in your mouth so it hits all of your taste-bud sensors. Can you taste bitterness (from hops) and sweetness (from malts)? Are they balanced, or does one overwhelm the other?

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