Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nasty Weather Outside and a Lack of Motivation

I'm supposed to be on vacation and aren't vacations supposed to be nice weather.  Well I must of used up all of mine last week in Venice because the for the most part it's been rainy here and I haven't gotten out and done anything lately.  It didn't help that I spent all day on the computer today updating the layout for this blog and for our family blog.  I have a tendancy to be pretty anal and I want everything to look just right and be just right.  The old layout for this blog wasn't letting anyone post a comment and that was starting to drive me nuts so I went in this morning looking for a similar layout and then I had to spend a couple of hours adjusting the html code (I am definitely not a coder) and while I was doing it Shantel decided it was time to change the look of the family blog so I got involved in that project as well.  This blog still isn't exactly where I want it but you can post comments now and I added that cool background photo of beer and foam to the German Beers I've Tried widget and really like to get it on the beer reviews link page, so if someone knows how post a comment.  Shantel is happy with the way I made our family blog look so I guess even if didn't get a workout done today I had a productive day.

If you are looking for some sites to update you blog look here, here, here, here.  They were really helpful in helping me find layouts, backgrounds, widgets and code suggestions.


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