Saturday, May 29, 2010

Veldensteiner Premium Pils

I've learned that I'm not a fan of German Pilsners since I've been here, most of the them are too hoppy and bitter.  This offerring from Veldensteiner is a little bit different not quite as bitter.  As you pour this one be careful or the head will take over the glass, don't worry though it disappears rapidly just like all of the other Veldensteiners, leaving tracing along the side.  A very clear light golden yellow.  I kind of got a hint of freshly mowed grass when I smelled it.  The taste as mentioned was well balanced with a small hint of bitterness just to let you know that you are sipping a pilsner.  Overall another excellent beer.

The Veldensteiner site describes it as a premium beer of top class exceptionally rounded flavor and mild hoppy bitterness that comes from the finely metered dose of Hersbrucker aroma hops.


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