Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Giro d'Italia

ARGH!  Talk about poor vacation planning.  The Giro d' Italia goes through Mestra, Italy, not too far from the Marco Polo Airport on Sunday 23 May.  We fly back to Germany on Friday 21 May.  Not that I'm a big cycling fan but watching the peleton of one of the Grand Tours of cycling would be insanely cool.  I'm trying to lay the ground work with Shantel to at least go watch a stage of the Tour de France before we leave Europe.

I'm not even sure who I would root for if I did watch the Giro.  Everyone knows I ride a Cervelo Dual, and I'm lusting after a Cervelo P3 and the Cervelo Test Team is riding the Tour of California with the Radio Shack Team and my favorite cyclist Lance Armstrong.  OK I know that's not very original but the man's a machine and you've got to respect him no matter what the French think of him.  Just another reason to despise the French, they can't win a war on their own and they disrespect THE GREATEST cyclist of all time.

I've sampled a few Italian beers so stay tune later this week when I get home and I can download some pictures and post the reviews.



James said...

Looks like I'm showing my ignorance again. As I was web surfing this morning I saw that Cervelo has teams in both the Giro and the Tour of California. Looks like the young riders were in California and the "A" Team was in Italy

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