Sunday, May 23, 2010

Italian Beer Reviews

I promised a couple of Italian Beer reviews after we got back from Venice and here they are.  Before I get started though I wanted to say I thought it would harder to find Italian beers since wine is the drink of choice in the country.  I will admit that I saw a wider range of German beers in Venice than I saw Italian beers but I tried 4 different beers and there were still a couple of others that I didn't get to.  Now for the reviews.

Of course we had to go to the Hard Rock Cafe and get another pilsner glass.  The only beer on tap was of course Italian, Nastro Azzurro from the Peroni Brewery. They call it a Pale Lager I liked it.  It had a head that quickly disappeared and perfectly balanced flavor, not too hoppy, not too malty with what I thought was a slightly sweet aftertaste..  As usual I didn't much of the aroma.  Bottom line I was highly impressed with my first Italian beer. 

Birra Moretti's Doppoi Malto was another excellent beer.  I didn't take too many notes on this one but I remember it as being slightly sweet and not all bitter.  It went very well with the bruschetta that we were eating at the time.  There were no glasses available so I could not pour it to check the head or  the aroma (not that I could of smelled it anyway) Once again I liked it.  In fact I liked it so much I thought I picked it up again to have later that evening.  But what I got instead was a Birra Moretti Ricotta Original.  I was slacking that evening and did not make any notes at all, but I do remember not being disappointed about picking up different beer.

The final beer I tried was a Castello Premium Lager.  This was a little more hoppy than anything else that I had tried in Italy.  Once again I was slacking and didn't take very many notes. 

So I hope everyone enjoys my notes, or lack thereof, on the beers I tried in Italy.  The bottom line though is that I was pleasantly surprised to find some quality beers in a country more known for it's wine than it's beer.


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