Sunday, May 16, 2010

Veldensteiner Original Lager

I went into the local Getrankmarkt, literally drink market and more like a liquor store with an emphasis on beer instead of liquor, and they had several different varieties of Veldensteiner Beer from the Kaiser Brauri in Pegnitz, Germany.  So what else could I do but make up a variety rack of the all the different beers and bring them home to drink on.  I've been slacking a little on the review postings since I've went through most of that rack but I intend to catch up before I deploy. Here's this week review Veldensteiner Original Lager.

The Veldensteiner web site describes the Original Lager as "Brewed in the good Franconian brewing tradition, classic aged, mild, tart and refreshing with a rounded hop finish."  I followed the how to instructions I found the other day and this is what I thought.  A slight head that dissipated quickly leaving light tracing on the sides.  A pale golden color with lots of bubbles, the beer would foam up slightly when swirled.  A faint earthy aroma was given off when swirled.  The taste was well balanced when swirled in the mouth finishing with some slight hoppiness.  A very drinkable beer.


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