Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK Well I've actually been back for almost three weeks now.  I've been readjusting to family life, work and triathlon training.  I'm actually in week 6 of my 13 week Ironman training.  Training has been going all right.  The first couple of weeks were while I was still in Afghanistan and of course there was no pool or swim time and all of the biking was on stationary bikes. I had a pretty good run base so that has been carrying me through.

The 13 week plan I'm using is from Gale Bernhardt's Training Plans for MultiSport athletes.  It's the 13 weeks to an Ironman For Athletes with Limited Time.  It's not very time intensive during the weeks but the weekend workouts are pretty long.  I'm find the workouts are really achievable during the week, but the intensity really jumps on the weekends when they get longer.  Last Saturday's 4.5 hour bike ride was the first time I've gone over 60 miles in a long time and it really wasn't that difficult.  I've had some issues with the swims but that's more in finding a suitable place to do the number of laps I've got to do than in the distances that I have to swim. 

Right now I'm on track for a 14.5 hour race, about 90 minutes short of the 16 hour cut off.  I'm confident that as my training progresses I will be continue to shave more time off of that.

Check back, not just for the beer reviews that will start again but for the training updates that I'll keep posting.


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