Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kulmbacher Festbier

It's time to start reviewing beers again.  I've decided to start with several beers from the Kulmbacher Braueri from Kulmbach Germany.  The Kulmbacher brand is the premium brand for the Kulmbacher AG group, I'm a big fan of the group's Monschof specialty line and now it's time to try the premium line.

It's fest time in Germany so why not start with the Kulmbacher festbier.  The beer pours with a snow white head that slowly dissipates.  The aroma is one of freshly cut grass.  The flavor is mildly hoppy finishing crisply with just a little bit of an aftertast that lingers.  A fine beer for summer fests or even back yard bbq's.

I am definitely glad to be back in Germany with the ability to drive down to the local Getranke Mart and have my pick of any number of different beers.


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