Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kulmbacher Lager Hell

Continuing the Sunday/Wednesday beer reviews with the Kulmbacher Lager Hell.  Most of you who read this blog have seen where I've described Helles beers before.  For those who haven't the short of it is that the brewers in Munich in the mid 1800's came up with Helles in response to the Pilsner's developed by their Bohemian neighbors.  Not quite as hoppy and just as golden it's a beer that is still widely served across Bavaria. 

The Kulmbacher Lager Hell is a fine example of the Bavarian style Helles.  A thin white head that lingers and leaves traces on the side of the glass. The color is a cloudy gold with lots of effervescent bubbles that tickle the tongue. A delicate aroma that is more malt than hops.  The beer goes down light with the aforementioned tickle and the taste is one of roasted barley with just a hint of intense hops, but not overwhelming, flavor at the end.  A very pleasing beer.


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