Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Bike

Today's workout was a short bike ride.  My new Cervelo P3 has been here for almost 3 weeks and other than a spin around the block after I put it together I haven't ridden it for a workout.  Well the guy who I bought it off has been giving me crap about that so after I got done with work today I tweaked the fit (it still needs a tuneup and a professional fit) and made sure everything was pretty close to the way I wanted it and off we went.

The work out was a low intensity 60 minute ride.  I've done it a couple of times since I've been back on my Cervelo Dual.  I really wanted to see how the two bikes performed differently and if the P3 was really going to be as fast as I thought it would be.

The route was virtually the same, I had to do a detour today due to road construction so it's a little longer. But the results are about 2.5 mph faster for the P3 at a slightly lower HR avg (146 vs 149). Max speed was actually faster for the Dual 32.4 mph vs the P3 at 32.1 but I really didn't turn it loose on the P3.  See the charts below.  I'm thinking I'm really going to like riding the P3.


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