Monday, June 20, 2011

Workout update

Our trip to Prague this weekend didn't derail my workouts too badly.  The derailling was left up to Shantel's doctor and today's weather.

Despite a hectic two days in Prague.  I drug myself out of bed yesterday and strapped on my running shoes and took off on my 2hr 45min run.  It was overcast and slightly chilly so I put on a long sleeved t-shirt, I was regretting that about 45 minutes into the run as a downpour soaked it and made it pretty heavy.  I kept slogging on and when I came back by the house I dashed inside and stripped it off and put on my brew to brew running jacket and was off again, after all I was dumb enough to sign up for an Ironman, so I've definitely got to be dumb enough to keep running running in the rain.  I felt strong throughout the whole run and while my 10:50 avg for 15 miles at 155 bpm (high zone 3 for me) won't set  any records it is well below the pace I need to complete the marathon portion of the Ironman so I was happy.

Today was a whole different story.  I needed to make up the 5 hour bike ride and Shantel had a doctor's appointment.  No big deal we would just drop off Macen at day care since his school was out for a German Holiday.  Oops no space in day care, so Macen and I went with Shantel to her doctor's appointment.  We dropped her off and thought we would do a Daddy and Son day out in Amberg for a couple of hours or so.  Well that couple of hours stretched into almost four hours and as we were driving home the clouds closed in and it began to rain.  Not the sudden outbursts of yesterday but a steady drizzle with a mixture of heavy downpours.  I may be dumb enough to sign up for an Ironman and to run in the rain but I HATE biking in the rain.  So I sat down with some of the Czech beer I picked up this weekend and readjusted the schedule a little and blogged about the brewery we went to in Prague.  I thought that was a good use of my time.


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