Sunday, June 26, 2011

This Week's Recap

This week's workout schedule looked like this.
Mon - Off Day
Tues - Swim Test 3x300 for time
Wed - 45 minute run working on cadence and foot speed
Thurs - Swim day 6 x 400 and 8 x 100
Fri - Off
Sat - Brick 3 hour bike/2 hour run
Sun - 4:30 hour bike

Because of the Prague trip last weekend and some rain on Monday this what it actually looked like.

Mon - 5 hour ride - Rained out
Tues - 4 hour ride (Carried over from Sunday/Monday and cut short by an hour because of rain and other issues)
Wed - 45 minute run
Thurs - Off
Fri - Swim day 6 x 400 and 8 x 100
Sat - Brick 3 hour bike/2 hour run
Sun -  4 hour bike

Overall not a bad week I was really pleased with Tuesday's long ride.  I did 60+ miles and felt great.  The brick on Saturday was also good.  A solid 45 miles on the bike followed by just over 10 miles.  If I can continue those paces throughout the whole Ironman I will have no issues making my 14:30 hour goal. 

On the flip side I am fighting some achilles tendonitis and some severe pain in my nether region from sitting on the bike saddle for "forever".  The tendonitis doesn't seem to too bad and I'm icing and stretching them to keep them as loose as I can.  I've switched from riding the Dual to the P3 full time so I'm thinking the nether region pain has to do with the seat adjustment on the P3.  I tweaked the seat adjustment a little and applied vasoline for both Sat and Sun and I'm relatively pain free as I write this we'll see what happens when I wake up in the morning.


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