Friday, June 24, 2011

Staropramen Svetly

Here is another beer from our trip to Prague last weekend. If you ask for a beer in Prague chances are that you will get a Staropramen.  That's what I had when we went to the Hard Rock Cafe to collect our Prague Pilsner Glass.  I didn't take any notes while drinking my Staropramen there so I picked up a bottle to go and cracked it tonight.
The Staropramen Svetly is a Bohemian Light Pilsner.  It poured with a very light head that disappeared very quickly.  The aroma was almost nonexistent.  The flavor was very light, slightly sweet and very little flavor of hops that dominate a typical pilsner.  I'd almost say it was watery.  Despite teh fact taht you can git this everywhere in Prague, I would guess that was because the brewery is in the city itself and and not because it was anything special. 

An OK beer but if you are looking for a hoppy Pilsner I'd recommend you go looking somewhere else.


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