Thursday, June 16, 2011

Swim Day

Today's workouts were a short 30 minute run in the morning and then 6x400s and 8x100s in the pool.  The workout plan said the swim should take 60 minutes.  Well the Ms Bernhardt obviously hasn't met my non swimming self.  This all took me about 90 minutes with 30 seconds between the 400s and 15 seconds between the 100s.  Despite my slowness I think that's pretty good for only two weeks worth of swim workouts in the last 19 months.  One of these days I swear that I will get some swim training to improve my times and my workouts.  Right now though the focus is endurance and ensuring that I have the ability to stay in perpuatual motion for 14 hours.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a 60 minute bike but we've decided to head for Prague for the weekend and I'll be skipping the bike ride.  We'll be back Sunday and with a little rearranging I'll still get my long run and long bike and some time in Prague.  Check back out here for our adventures in Prague, I'm sure we'll find some beer or a brewery or two to visit.


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