Sunday, February 28, 2010

Keiler Land-Pils

This weeks review is for the Keiler Land-Pils. It's brewed by the Lohr Brewery in Lohr am Main about halfway between Wurzberg and Frankfurt, give or take a little. It come in the traditional flip top bottle, that I must say I'm fascinated with since most of the beers I've tried have had.

The Land-Pils had a rich golden color and had a good head, in fact I screwed it up pouring it into the bottle and got a little too much head. The head was also that thick soft foamy head I've talked about previously and I'm beginning to wonder if that's not indicitive of a Bavarian pilsner. This pilsner was not nearly as bitter as the Ayinger Premium Pils I had last week, being just a little more mellow. I thought tit was pretty good and since it's a new offering from the Lohr Brewery I hope they keep brewing it. I don't think I'll be visiting this brewery for a tour, if they give one, unless we can find a winery or some other touristy thing to do in the vicinity. But once again I've found another family of beers that needs further exploration


Anonymous said...

I found it too bitter

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