Saturday, January 16, 2010

8 miles Today After Being a Bum

I missed Thursday's workout as I took the USAEUR drivers test and picked up the car, so now we finally have wheels and can get out and about. Friday was an off day and since we could get out and explore a little bit I did that instead of making up Thursdays workout.

I was talking to a friend of mine last night and he thought I had laid out a pretty aggressive race schedule. He's right I have but I'm unsure as to what triathlons I want to do. I know I'm running the Half Marathon and the Marathon, but if I can't find a pool close by then I'm going to have issues with a 1.2 mile swim. I'll leave everything on the schedule and then pare it down after I get more familiar with everything.

Despite all that today was an 8 mile run and I did get back on track with that this afternoon, here's the data, I only hope the calories burned cover the wurst, kraut and weissen I had for lunch, more on that later:

Distance : 8:02mi
Total Time: 1:27:53
AVG Pace: 10:53
Total Calories: 1257
AVG HR: 160 bpm
Max HR: 171 bpm
Mile 1: 10:44
Mile 2: 10:26
Mile 3: 10:46
Mile 4: 10:47
Mile 5: 10:48
Mile 6: 10:50
Mile 7: 10:51
Mile 8: 10:49
Mile .2: 10:49
Zone 1 Time: 0:06 Distance: 0ft
Zone 2 Time: 0:41 Distance: 223ft
Zone 3 Time: 26:06 Distance: 2.4 mi
Zone 4 Time: 1:02:05 Distance: 5.8 mi
Zone 5 Time: :07 Distnace: 58ft


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