Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Got Up This Morning.......Just Barely

I got dressed, making sure I put on my tri shorts so I'd have a little padding while doing my 75 minute bike workout, made sure I had on my HR Monitor and that I had my iPod and walked out of the hotel room to walk to the gym and totally didn't realize I had left my water bottle on the TV cabinet. Damn It! The last thing I wanted to do was a 75 minute spin without any water especially when I'm normally really dehydrated when I first get up. So I ended up scratching the 25 mile or 75 minute spin for the 3mile/4x100 sprint. I did it on the treadmill so I had no issues with 3 miles staying in Zone 3, other than the normal "I'm really bored being on the treadmill watching the numbers go up issues".

I'll do the 25 mile spin in the morning and I'll do it wearing my new USA bike jersey.

I bought this jersey so I can proudly sport the US colors while doing European triathlons. I've still got the Army tri jersey that I used last year but wanted something a little different. The only difference between this bike jersey and my tri jersey is that the pockets are across the back instead of on the sides. That doesn't matter to me much since I normally only put a couple of gel packs in the pockets anyway.


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