Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Today's Workout

Today was supposed to be a 20 mile bike day with a 3 mi run/4 100 m sprints.

Without my bike and my cadence counter I can't tell how far I go with my garmin and the gym here only has recumbent computerized bikes. The spin bikes don't have a computer so thinking that I used to average between 19-21 mph I did a 60 minute ride on the spin bike. I haven't been on a bike since September, so this was a little more difficult than I thought especially at the 45 minute mark. I probably didn't do 20 miles, but 60 minutes isn't bad for the first ride in several months. Here is my HR data trying to stay in Zone 3

Zone 1: 2:57 (Probably the first 2:57)
Zone 2: 6:00 (A mix of a little at the beginning and a little at the end)
Zone 3: 25:16
Zone 4: 25:38

I had no idea I spent that much in Zone 4 and looking at my graph in Garmin Training Center it shows that the time in Zone 4 was at the low end of the Zone, which isn't as bad as I thought at first glance.

Now for the second part of the workout. I just didn't do it. I had to go to pick up all of my issue gear today and it was about a mile walk over there and a mile walk back with a 50lb+ rucksack on my back and a 50lb+ duffle bag sometimes laid on top of the rucksack or carried in my hand. Pretty exhausting and I think it should count for some sort of work out.

I'm still having trouble getting my butt out of the bed in the morning to do the workouts. It's only a 5 minute walk to the gym but I just don't have the motivation at 5:15am to do it in the cold to get on the spin bike. I can't wait to get my bike here so I can set it up on the trainer and do the workout without going out into the cold.

Look for some posts this weekend about beer. I intend to get some good German beers to watch the American football playoffs with and I'll share my thoughts about them with everyone.


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