Sunday, January 10, 2010

Training Plan Week 1

Ignore the date at the top of the weekly workout I mislabeled it when I saved it as a JPEG. But that is the overview of my weekly workout. I'll post results daily. As I mentioned in the previous post I'm going to have to do some of it on a stationary bike and I need to find an indoor pool since there isn't one on my post. I've been told there are some in the local area.

If by chance anyone is looking for just a marathon training plan, you can drop the bike and swim workouts and just do the run workout in order to be ready for a marathon.

In order to give credit where credit is due I took the half ironman training plan from and then cut the run portion and added a marathon plan from Runners World. A friend used the half ironman plan with great success last year and I used the marathon plan for the Omaha Marathon and a 4:20 PR. So I know the plans work.

Week 1 swim workouts explained


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