Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ayinger Premium PIls

I knocked out two birds with one stone this weekend and picked up my first Hard Rock Cafe Pilsner glass in Europe, from Munich, and tried a new beer.

I tried the Ayinger Premium Pils it's brewed just south of Munich in a small town called Aying. It had a bright golden color much different from the pale golds of the Weiss beers and the dark browns of the Bocks I've been drinking. There were two things that really stood out about this beer. It was much more bitter than what I'm used to in a pilsner and the head was really soft thick foam, almost resembeling a foam shaving cream or even a cotton candy. It's hard to describe but it was much different from the head you get from a draft beer in the States. Overall I thought it was pretty good but probably not a beer I'm going to go looking for. What I think I have discovered is another brewery to add to my list of places I want to go tour before we leave and another family of beers to sample from.


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