Monday, February 15, 2010

The Wheels On The Bike Go Round And Round.....

Round and Round. At least that's what it feels like when you spend 75 minutes on the spin bike. I had a pretty good spin with the only bad part being when I left one of my favorite camelbak bike bottles in the locker room while I was changing clothes. Of course it was gone when I went back to get it. Here's the data:

AVG Heart Rate: 140
Max Heart Rate: 155

Heart Rate Zone 1: :21
Heart Rate Zone 2: :49
Heart Rate Zone 3: 1:08:02
Heart Rate Zone 4: 5:44

Lots of time in Zone 3. I'm really starting to get that under control and it's looking good.

I signed up for a half marathon today but had some issues paying for it. I signed up for the Kallmunzer Fruhlingslauf , Kallmunz Spring Run Half Marathon, in Kallmunz, Germany, a small town about an hour south of Vilseck. Well I guess Europeans transfer money back and forth between banks pretty easily, but it's a little harder to transfer from an American bank to German bank. The race director called and while he spoke better English than I do German (All I know now is "einz bier bitte!" lol) I still had issues trying to get his mailing address so I could send the race fee through the German mail system to him. We finally started corresponding through email and managed to make our points understood using yahoo babel fish translation service and the bottom line is I'm registered and it will be official when he gets the entrance fee after I mail it him. I really need to learn some more German.


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