Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm Not Alone Out There

One of the reasons that I came up with the Beer Drinker with a Triathlon Problem moniker is when a friend of mine and I joined a local triathlon club and during our first meeting both of us were the only ones to order a beer with dinner, even though the club picked up the tab for the first drink. If I remember correctly Brian's comment to me was that we were a little "different" than the rest of these hard core triathletes who wouldn't drink a beer during racing season.

Well I found another blog the other day, or rather it found me, The Beer Runner as part of The Draft Magazine's website. After a quick perusal it looks like The Beer Runner is also a Beer Drinker with a Running Problem (Yes, I knew Brian and I weren't the only ones out there! Sorry Andy you don't count since you are such a freak of physical and he reviews running races as well as craft beers, and it looks like he gets paid to do it! Damn why can't I have that job?

Speaking of beer reviews. I know I'm behind in my weekly reviews of German beers but since that headcold from hell wrecked my training for two weeks, I also didn't really feel like drinking beer, so no new reviews. Additionally I had hoped to post some pics from the Hofbrauhaus in Munich, that's the home of German Oktoberfest in case you weren't tracking, as well as add to my Hard Rock Cafe Pilsner Glass collection but the snow this weekend kept us home since we still really aren't comfortable getting out on the Autobahn. Shantel has promised we'll get down there before I head off to Afghanistan. I'm going to hold her to it.


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