Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Replaced The Speed Workout with a Pace Run

OK my commander wanted to run with me today so my 1 mile as fast as you can recover for 200m and repeat wasn't in the cards. We took off on a 5 mile run at his pace. I definitely spent most of the time out of the Zone 3 so I think you can chalk it up as a speed workout and I think we stayed close to my 4 hour marathon pace, but I can't tell you because I forgot to switch off of bike mode on the heart monitor so I don't get my normal by mile results. Here what data I did get:

Total Distance: 5:01
Total Time: 47:56
AVG Pace: 9:34

Zone 1: :08 Distance: 82ft
Zone 2: :15 Distance: 128ft
Zone 3: 6:36 Distance: .7 mi
Zone 4: 24:39 Distance: 2.6 mi
Zone 5: 16:57 Distance: 1.8


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