Sunday, February 21, 2010

Long Slow Run For the Weekend

We went down to Munich yesterday so the Long Slow Spin got canceled in favor of the run. Here's what it looked liked today when I started

That's right huge snowflakes that eventually turned to sleet, then to mist and then finally the sun came out for a few minutes on the last mile of the run. A wonderful day for a scheduled 15 miler.

OK I didn't get there though. This was a big jump in mileage and I haven't gone over 12 miles since the Gobbler Grind Half Marathon last Thanksgiving. To put it mildly I was hurting at about mile 13.5 with the knees and hamstrings aching and Mother Nature starting to put out a call. I called it quits at mile 14.50 since that would have involved going away from the house and I was already right there. I know wussy!!!! Here's the data:

Distance : 14:43mi
Total Time: 2:34:32
AVG Pace: 10:42
Total Calories: 2225
AVG HR: 151 bpm
Max HR: 168 bpm
Mile 1: 12:44
Mile 2: 10:32
Mile 3: 10:28
Mile 4: 10:11
Mile 5: 10:17
Mile 6: 10:38
Mile 7: 10:21
Mile 8: 10:27
Mile 9: 10:44
Mile 10: 10:00
Mile 11: 10:18
Mile 12: 10:27
Mile 13: 10:56
Mile 14: 11:00
Mile .43: 12:31
Zone 1 Time: 0:11 Distance: 3ft
Zone 2 Time: 5:17 Distance: .4 mi
Zone 3 Time: 2:12:18 Distance: 12.5 mi
Zone 4 Time: 18:55 Distance: 1.7 mi
Zone 5 Time: 0:00 Distance: 0ft

From the data it looks pretty good I spent most of the time in Zone 3 and the majority of the splits were under 10:30. I just started off slow and then faded fast at about mile 13. Not a bad run.


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