Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Slow Run To Work Out the Lactic Acid from Yesterday

Not a bad run today. Chuck went with me again. I think he's confused, yesterday I wanted to go fast for a long distance. Today I wanted to go slow for a short distance. We'll see what he thinks of the LSR tomorrow. I skipped the spin session tonight I was wipped out by spending all day in meetings and I really ust wanted to go home. Oh well. Here's the run data from today.

Distance : 3:12mi
Total Time: 35:49
AVG Pace: 11:25
Total Calories: 482
AVG HR: 158 bpm
Max HR: 179 bpm
Mile 1: 12:39
Mile 2: 11:00
Mile 3: 10:42
Mile .12: 10:40

Zone 1 Time: 1:42 Distance: 115ft
Zone 2 Time: 1:06 Distance: 213ft
Zone 3 Time: 10:57 Distance: 1.0 mi
Zone 4 Time: 22:00 Distance: 2.1 mi
Zone 5 Time: 0:25 Distance: 201ft

By looking at the data it wasn't a good run. But Once again we will losing traction by running on snow and ice and it was actually about 15 degrees outside while we were running. Probably way too cold to be running but I did it anyway.


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