Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Like Beer But It Doesn't Like Me

That's got to be why I put on so much weight when I'm drinking all the beer I want. Some women claim chocolate goes straight to their hips and thighs with me the beer goes straight to my belly.

I say all of this because I put on my new Army Service Uniform today and the pants are already starting to be too tight. I was measured for them in August when I was in peak condition. When I picked them up a month had elasped since my last half ironman and I was still running a lot training for a marathon, but not biking much and little to no swimming, and the pants were a little snug but not too bad. Well today the pants were more than a little snug and I'm probably going to have to get them taken out a little. I guess there was a little too much off in my off/maintenance season.


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